How Do The Pokies Work?

Pokie machines are everywhere. We can see some in special establishments or even in public spaces. Some people may try spinning pokies out of boredom and turn into a regular pokie player. No pokie machine is programmed to give away more money than it takes – that is an established truth already. However, the only reason to hope that you will be able to get some money is only stop after a win that brings you slightly more money than you initially deposited.

A pokie machine is a gambling tool with inbuilt algorithm that generates millions of possible outcomes, which define whether the player wins or loses. Each second the machine generates thousands of combinations. You are going to see one of these when you press the button. A machine pays credits if the winning combination pops up. If not – it keeps generating thousands of outcomes until the button is pressed again.

How Do The Pokies Work?

Many people fell for believing that pokie machines give away combinations particular regularly or that they can predict when the winning combination is about to pop up. This disbelief is very common among gamblers – it is called recency bias. The thing is, machine does not have memory, it does not care that your previous 30 combinations were losing and that you ran out of money. And, the fact that the number of previous combinations brought no gain does not mean the 31st one is going to be winning. In fact, each and every spin is random, which is why it is useless to keep the sequence in mind.

What is Special About Pokies?

Pokie machines drive one into thinking that by trying to play once, you do not lose anything. This is achieved due to small sums required to start. However, the majority of newbies tend to want to try their second and third spin to win the money back. There are many other psychological tricks involved, for example:

  • A near-miss combination triggers the same areas in the brain as drug or alcohol addiction. No wonder, a near-miss makes a player think that only one little tiny effort separates him or her from the win and keeps spinning again and again.
  • There is no way to cheat or trick pokie machine.
  • People in poor areas are more likely to become pokie-addicted and lose money than people in better-off areas.
  • In New Zealand, the person-pokie machine ratio is 1 to 211. On average, people give away $125 out of their pockets to each installed slot machine daily.

How Do The Pokies Work?

Pokie machines’ construction suggests they take player’s finance, yet not to give them. There is no harm in trying to play once but there is always a danger to become instantly addicted. Free pokies give hope to receive huge money without extra effort, which is why they are so popular in poor areas. Also, some people may not realize how low is the probability to hit the winning combination – it is almost impossible. While it is not difficult to understand the way online pokies work, it may be difficult to treat addiction afterwards.  

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